Banquet services

Our banquet services have served up to 1,500 people with a wide variety of table settings, starting with cold starters and ending with a special table of hot dishes. If your event needs tables and chairs, we will be happy to rent them to you.

The Čarlstons Restaurant has vast experience in organising parties at the restaurant and elsewhere.

To make your event special, try our juicy grilled dishes which can be prepared at the restaurant and, during the summer, at your chosen venue.

Čarlstons’ creative team will design your event in terms of the desired theme and at the place that you select.

You can opt for Čarlstons’ elegant banquet hall, the Small Guild, the Large Guild, the National Museum of Art, the Museum of Shipping and History, the Rundāle Castle, the Museum for Decorative and Applies Arts, the H20 6 venue, the Design Factory, Anna’s School of Wood, etc

Contacts: +371 67770572 ; + 371 26665409 ; [email protected]

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